Sons of Kryos Season 1

When you run 60 episodes, you’re bound to have some winners and losers among them.

Sons of Kryos: your success means your podcast is first up.  We’re starting with season 1, which was the infancy of the podcast – it had its high points and low points, but I’m here to sift out the bits that you want to listen to if you want to make your game better.

What survived the Cull?

Here’s what you shouldn’t miss:

Episode 5 (direct link to Episode 5)

0:00 to 15:56: The Sons of Kryos talk about using a published setting, and exhort you to “own the book.”  They talk about techniques that you can use to do exactly that.  -6

Episode 6 (direct link to Episode 6)

47:50 to 53:45:  The first good sentences segment covers “Are there any scenes anybody wants to see?”  “What do you want to see next week?”  The later, play-focused Sons of Kryos is emerging in this segment. 10

Episode 7 (direct link to Episode 7)

24:28 to 31:03: John Wick and Jared Sorensen talk about hermetic magic by way of John’s game Secret, and if you’re into hermeticism in gaming then it’s definitely worth listening to. -20

32:00 to 39:32: This discussion of GM screen provokes a lot of thought on social dynamics at the table.  It would have been stronger if it directly addressed those dynamics. -25

39:50 to 44:08: Good Sentences: “If you want it to happen, talk to each other.”   This section is intense and sharply focused.  25

Episode 8 (direct link to Episode 8)

00:00 to 15:05: This section won’t do anything for you, but it’s a great way to waste some time. Honorable mention.

15:18 to 25:55: Fudging dice.  Hilarious and extremely crucial to think about.  600.

26:12 to 36:10: Asking someone to leave your table is a very important topic but the treatment isn’t that strong.   -15

The Culled

The stuff that didn’t survive included some poor audio quality, but was generally topical but unfocused.  There were lots of places where you got to learn a lot about the lives and then-current projects of the Sons and their game designer friends, but this isn’t worth going back for.

The Survivors

The first season is a genesis, and it’s hit and miss.  But the hits are real hits.  Take what I singled out above and listen to that – like a greatest hits album.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I like the new format–cuts right to the good stuff. I’ve been deterred from going through all of the SoK due to their sheer volume–now I don’t have to!
    Perhaps I’ve missed the explanation, but what are the numbers after each section?
    Take care,
    Mel White

  2. Thanks, Mel. The numbers at the end are my ‘real number scale’ – I like to be able to rank everything under the sun, so those numbers position the stuff that’s worth listening to relative to each other. As I get more content up here that will allow you to cull the Cull if you’re especially savage.

  3. I’m still a little confused by the number rating. I assume “-6” means “less than 6”, rather than “negative 6”. Is that right?

  4. “Negative 6” is right. Negative numbers are still good: Surviving the cull means they’re good. Negative, positive, fractions, and so forth are just me positioning them relative to each other. I expect I’ll have to make a template of this comment.

  5. New format = Right on.

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