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September 30, 2008

I see momentary bits of the ultimate game in other games.

The ultimate game would have:

  • Setup like In A Wicked Age, but the group could agree on an ‘Anchor’ element, and there would be a distinction between heavily-themed elements with low definition (the Signs) and high definition elements with weaker thematic implications (the Multitude)
    • A phrase besides “Best Interests” for the best interest phase
  • Inside-out-stakes like Polaris or In A Wicked Age
  • Dynamic Sets like the best of D&D 4e, Savage Worlds, or Red Box Hack
  • Four Stats: Might, Grace, Insight, Resolve, each with social and nonsocial implications
  • Stat power offset by pre-game character development to equalize the power level of experienced and inexperienced characters out of the gate.
  • These two would be crossed with each other
    • Aspects like Spirit of the Century, but any player could tempt someone for them.
    • Keys like The Shadow of Yesterday, but backwards, with the other players awarding.
  • Budget like PTA, used to both limit the GM’s power and to provide a timing mechanic.
  • Mandated details like InSpectres